Hello ! I am Edouard Sastre, a french webdesigner and UX lover based in Paris, France. My work is focused mainly on webdesign, UX and UI but I also make some web development and integration as a freelance. I really enjoy illustrations, photography and motion design, fields I try to improve everytime I get the chance.


I’m currently working as a Webdesigner and Art director assistant at Dagobert in Paris. Previously I was working as a Project manager junior and UX Designer at Hermès, also in Paris. And now, I’m looking for an apprenticeship !
As for a bit more personal: I like travelling, playing video games (it’s dangerous to go alone you know) and pretending I know how to cook and play piano. There is also this endless list of blogs, articles and magazines about design I try to keep up with.


Web design, graphic design, art direction, UX design, UI design, mobile application design, wireframing, illustration, HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript, CMS/Framework.


Dagobert (Sept 2015 — Jul 2016) : Webdesigner & Art director assistant
Hermès (Jun 2014 — Jan 2015) : Project manager junior & UX designer
Freelance (Nov 2011 – Now) : Developer, webdesigner, UX designer
AFM-Téléthon (Jun 2011 — Aug 2011) : Project manager assistant


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